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Protocol for the preparation of lysogeny broth


  • Pure water
  • LB powder
  • Agar (if making dishes)
  • Antibiotic stock (if appropriate)


  1. Weigh out 20g of LB powder and place in a clean 1L bottle
  2. Add 18g of agar (only if making semi-solid media in dishes)
  3. Fill to 1L with pure water
  4. Autoclave solution for 15 minutes on "liquids cycle"

Pouring dishes

  1. Add appropriate antibiotic to LB once it has cooled
  2. Pour liquid media before it starts to set - cover bottom of dish & just a bit more
  3. Label each dish with LB, antibiotic (include concentration if different from standard), date and initials
  4. Store in refrigerator within plastic sleeve