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Rules and Guidelines


1. New user MUST be trained by the captain or present users

User Instructions:

Fluorimeter FL3-22 S/N 0544

Instrument Start-up

1. Turn on process (Turn off is reverse)

2. Fluorimeter power (at back) – should hear fan turn on

3. Fluorimeter lamp – look for light

4. 2 computers under table (User:B442 Passwd:flu0r)

5. Water bath

6. Vaccum line to aspirate cuvettes (on far wall next to Uvikon; make sure correct valve is open)

7. Open Instrument control center

8. Allow lamp to warm ~30 min before starting experiments

9. Fluorimeter settings

10. Under Real time display (icon shaped like a cross), turn on high voltage (typically S=950)

11. All other settings are experiment-specific

12. Instrument shut-down

Turn off process

1. Water bath

2. 2 computers

3. Lamp

4. Leave fan ON for at least 30 min after lamp is turned off to cool lamp down

5. Fan

Captains are: Xuesong Shi, B471 & Eliza Ruben, B451


Jack Sawicki

HORIBA Jobin Yvon Inc

3880 Park Ave

Edison NJ 08820-3012

Tel: (408) 266 0220


Web : www.jobinyvon.com/microanalysis

Parts : Lamp

Description: Xenon Lamp 450W, ozone-free

Part #: FL-450XOFR

Cost: $1115.00

Flourimeter image.JPG