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Resources Are Available

We are devoted to contributing all available resources to the research community. The resources below are available at no cost to any academic scientist. All we ask is standard citation and/or acknowledgement. Just send an email with "RESOURCE REQUEST" in the subject line. Please include a FedEx number for shipping charges.

Stenotrophomonas maltophilia gDNA fosmid libraries

We have constructed three different fosmid libraries; one each from ATCC BAA-2423 (K279a), ATCC BAA-84 (D457), and ATCC 700745. Each library contains 1,900 clones arrayed into twenty 96-well plates (with one empty vector control per plate). pEpiFos-5 is the vector backbone and the libraries are maintained in EPI100 E. coli. We have not performed end sequencing on all clones, but those we have analyzed have carried ~40kb inserts. These libraries could be useful for any number of phenotypic screens.