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My Open Notebook

Dedalus an Icarus

This is the open notebook of my thesis project. I will collect here all the ideas and notes I will come across in this period; I hope you will find them useful (however, don't take them too seriously!) for your research too!

NEW: Labrys Video

Enjoy the preliminary video of labrys design and simulation! File:Labrys 1.wmv


Labrys is the name I gave to the optofluidic chip I'm designing in the framework of my Master's thesis. Λαβρυς, in ancient greek, was the name for labyrinth buildings just like the ones built by Dedalus, the engineer of greek mithology. "The labyrinth" was even the name which I used previously to refer to the chip with my supervisor; its design resembles the ones of greek labyrinths like Cnosso's.


The main idea behind Labrys is to study system properties of specific pathways in cells using time varying signals. This is the fundamental idea of my thesis and it is derived by the poioneering work carried ou t by Prof. Ljung in System Identification theory. ... to be continued!

Theoretical Topics

Chip Design

Fluid Dynamics Simulations