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Safety measures

  • The work should be conducted in the right chemical hood
  • Make sure that the hood is clean and empty before starting and make sure to leave the hood clean and empty when you finish


  • Analytical balance
  • Heating sleeves
  • Soxhlet system
  • Condensation system (with ice!!!)
  • Evaporator
  • 250 ml flask
  • 50 ml chemical glass


  • Hexan


  1. Weight approx. 1 gr of material and paper.
  2. Create a sleeve and measure the weight of the sleeve (sample+paper+clips) - write the sample number on the sleeve
  3. Weight the flask and write the sample number on the flask
  4. Connect the soxhlet system. Poor 120 ml of Hexan and start cooling system.
  5. Start the heating (make sure it is not bubbling too much)
  6. At this point the evaporator can be connected (water at 40 degrees celsius)
  7. After one hour and a half ,disconnect the soxhlet, cool down the flask and evaporate the hexan.
  8. After complete evaporation - weight the falsk
  9. the sleeve should by dried in in 105 degrees celsius and weighted again.