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Why should I put my lab on OpenWetWare?

There are several reasons to host your lab wiki on OpenWetWare ...

  1. Redirect your lab site: Redirecting your lab website to wiki allows for the entire lab to be responsible for maintaining the lab website; any member of the lab can easily edit and improve the site. The navigation bar, such as the one on the Endy research page, is useful for traversing through webpages within the site and gives some continuity to the lab pages.
  2. Organize internal lab functions: Use your wiki page for lab internal functions such as lab meetings, retreats, lab chores, ordering, etc. Every member in the lab can access and edit from anywhere. Communication of administrative matters is easy now!
  3. Orient new lab members: Post information for new lab members. This is especially useful for large labs that have a steady influx of new people and visitors. Direct new members/visitors to a site to save time!

Also see reasons to join for general reasons to join OWW.

Why shouldn't I host a lab on OpenWetWare?

To be filled in.

Am I surrendering copyright to my lab materials?

No, you retain copyright to all materials you upload or write on OpenWetWare. You can later republish and relicense them in any way you like. However, you can never retract the Creative Commons Atrribution ShareAlike and GFDL licenses for the versions you placed here.

What labs are hosted on OpenWetWare?

See the list of labs hosted on OpenWetWare.