F08 EL-KW Module2

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Gene chosen: SGF73 - nonessential component of SAGA complex Description at: [1]

Papers read

SAGA-associated Sgf73p facilitates formation of the preinitiation complex assembly at the promoters either in a HAT-dependent or independent manner in vivo Abhijit Shukla, Pratibha Bajwa and Sukesh R. Bhaumik


"Multi-tasking on chromatin with the SAGA coactivator complexes", Jeremy A. Daniela and Patrick A. GrantCorresponding Author Contact Information, [3]

"The SAGA continues: expanding the cellular role of a transcriptional co-activator complex",[4]


Control of Nucleosome Positions by DNA Sequence and Remodeling Machines, Gavin R. Schnitzler, [5]

Epigenomics, Virendra S. Gomase, Somnath Tagore; [6]

?? Chromatin proteomics and epigenetic regulatory circuits, [7]

SAGA unveiled; H.Th. Marc Timmersa and Làszlò Torab, E-mail The Corresponding Author [8]