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We offer a Expression Analysis Service utilizing the 3 Plaforms.

Key highlights of the service:

Please see below for further details about the service.

Sample Submission Guidelines

  • Customer should submit atleast 5 ug of Total RNA or 2 ug of Samples enriched for miRNA.
  • RNA concentration and quality should be quantified.
  • Sample submission forms should be submitted along or before the samples are submitted. The form is available here.

mRNA Detection Platform

  • Affymetrix.
  • Agilent


Data Extraction

  • Microarray images are scanned for a balanced view and saved in TIFF formats.
  • Numerical intensities are extracted for each probes
  • The results are organized which includes TIFF image files and intensity data files, which is made available to the customer in a CD.


  • We would do the image analysis and provide you with the raw intensities for all the platforms.
  • Certain downstream data processing is done based on the platform, as part of the service:
    • Affymetrix data is scaled to a average intensity of 150 per chip.
    • Agilent and other 2 color channel data is normalized within array.

Additional data analysis help may be available on a case by case basis.


Prices for sample processing do not include cost of arrays


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