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LB Broth


 Tryptone 5 g
 Yeast Extract 2.5 g
 NaCl 5 g
 *If making plates, also add 7.5 g Agar
  • Makes 500 mL solution


1.Add ingredients and place 1 stir bar in bottle.
2.Place on hot/stir plate and heat while stirring till all solid is dissolved.  (It is not necessary for the Agar to dissolve as
this will happen with autoclaving).
3.Aliquot 5 equal portions to smaller jars and autoclave.  (If making plates, no need to aliquot).

  • If making plates

Remove from autoclave as soon as finished and pour plates immediately. Let stand to set. (If you need to add antibiotic, you must place the autoclaved media in the 55°C water bath and allow to cool. Once the temperature of 55°C has been reached, you may add the antibiotic, mix well, and proceed to pour.)

  • It is a good idea to pour the plates in the fume hood to prevent possible contamination.