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All names can be changed to protect our sanity. Or, we might not need names at all (in which case the below are just for character framing).

  • System Sally - System Sally (not her real name) is a profound, philosophical, super genius. She groks the big picture about everything, yet remains irreverent, and can run circles around Device Dude.
  • Device Dude - Device Dude is a "tell me what to do and I'm off" sort of person. Straightforward, hardworking, means well, but can't always figure out the right thing to do.
  • Bacteria Buddy - Bacteria Buddy is a barely self-aware critter. Buddy would likely be having fun if it knew what fun was all about. Totally ignorant of the interests of Sally and Dude. Buddy only cares about making more copies of Buddy on the great treadmill of life. But, if and when Sally and Dude do something to Buddy that slows down Buddy's growth, Buddy gets real angry and starts mutating (trying to "shake off" whatever Sally and Dude have tried to do to Buddy) -- this last point is a minor issue that might only come up at the end; throughout there might be some "visual squirming" whenever Buddy is programmed to do something?