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Excitation Filters

Name Use Transmission Peak Bandwidth Filter Wheel Factory Installed Use
P405 Colorimetric label emission 405 10 A1 Yes Used by Lauffenburger lab for 400nm fluorescence excitation.
P450 Colorimetric label emission 450 6 A6 Yes
P490 Colorimetric label emission 490 6 A3 Yes Used by Nora in Keating lab for colometric assays to measure abs.
380DF 380 15 -- No?
P570 570 18 Uninstalled
595DF 595 10 --
D340 TR fluorescence excitation 340 50 Uninstalled Yes
D320 TR fluorescence excitation 320 80 -- Yes
F485 Fluorescein excitation 485 15 A5 Yes We use this to excite GFP. Also used by Lauffenburger lab for 485nm fluorescence excitation.
F355 Umbelliferone excitation 355 40 Uninstalled Yes
RFP-544 RFP excitation 544 ? A2 No
OD-600 Absorbance 600 ? A4 No We use this for the OD600 label
YFP YFP excitation 500 8 A7 No
CFP (F0439A P430) CFP excitation 430 ? A8 No This is listed as a P430, don't know if this means we shouldn't use it as a fluorescent excitation filter.

Emission Filters

Name Use Transmission Peak Bandwidth Filter Slide Factory Installed Use
D615 Europium chelate emission 615 8.5 A1 Yes Used by Lauffenburger lab for 590nm fluorescence emission -- only okay, but better than RFP emission filter in slot B2 [F0426A 620nm].
D665 Europium chelate emission 665 7.5 A8 Yes
D642 Samarium chelate emission 642 6.5 A2 Yes
D545 Terbium chelate emission 545 7.5 A3 Yes
D572 Dysprosium chelate emission 572 7.5 Uninstalled Yes
F535 Fluorescein emission 535 25 A5 Yes
F460 Umbelliferone emission 460 40 -- Yes
620DF10EM ? ? ? Uninstalled
630DF10 ? ? ? Uninstalled
510DF40EM ? 510 40? Uninstalled
510DF20EM GFP emission 510 20? B1 Used by Lauffenburger lab for both 505nm and 520nm fluorescence emission -- only okay.
F0426A 620 ? B2 No We use this for RFP and mCherry emission. Anecdotal evidence suggests that it isn't as bright as the standard GFP label we use.
F0436A YFP emission 535 ? B3 No We also use this for GFP emission because we were picking up excitation light when using the 510 filter.
4D318 Corion 460 ? B4 No
F0432A D572 572 ? B8 No

D = Time resolved fluorometry, including LANCE
F = Fluorometry
P = Photometry
L = Luminometry
These are the recommended applications for the filters. It is not clear whether there is actually any difference between, for example, a fluorometry excitation filter and a photometry filter.