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General Idea

Purpose: The purpose of this Journal Club is to spread awareness of interesting publications.

How it works: All members pick 2 or 3 journals to keep track of. Members share the gist of publications that catch their eye for that week in an informal setting.

Picking Journals

Pick 2 journals that you want to regularly browse. Please pick a high impact one and a lower impact one. We will try to maximize our spread of journals by not overlapping too much. However, having 2 pairs of eyes on high impact journals is probably a good idea. Feel free to change your journal if you are getting bored of it.


  • Atri Choksi; Journal of Theoretical Biology; Science
  • Beatrice Ramm; ACS Synthetic Biology; PNAS
  • Ton Subsoontorn; Chaos; Nature biotech
  • Luke Bawazer; Nature Materials; ACS Nano
  • Sarah Munro; Nature Methods
  • Marc Salit
  • Paul Jaschke; PLOS ONE; eLIFE
  • Ariel Hecht; Journal of Biological Engineering; Nature
  • Mathias Voges; Nature Communications
  • Chris Lee; Science Signaling; PNAS
  • Eric Wei

Interesting Publications

We wanted to look up a lot of the publications that were being shared (on the spot and after). To make this easier, Sarah had the good idea of writing the titles of publications that we are going to share. So lets all update this page with the pubs we’re going to share