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MJ Research PTC-200 (Dual Block)

DescriptionFrom the manufacturer's website

"This thermal cycler is a wonderful product. Aside from being easy to use, those equipped with the MJ research gradient block extend capability. The gradient feature allows the temperature to vary as much as 24 degrees from the left side of the block to the right side. The means that you are able to have 12 different temperatures on one block. This is useful for optimizing conditions for new primer sets. All one has to do is create master mixes and distribute among the twelve wells across the block. This is a huge time saver and does the work of 12 pcr machines with just one instrument.

This machine works well with many types of tubes and does not squish tubes as does some other machines that we have. This is most likely due to the deepness of the wells in the block.

Specifications for PTC 200 from the company's website

From the manufacturer's website

Gradient capab. some with and some without
Thermal Uniformity: ±0.4°C within 30 seconds of arrival at 90°C
Thermal Accuracy: Average temperature within ±0.3°C of programmed value at 90°C, NIST-traceable
Temp range
Heating Cooling Rate 3.00 C/sec
Reaction blocks: -

MJ Research PTC-200 (Single Block)

  • This thermocycler can be used to set up a temperature gradient across the plate. Choose the gradient step when coding a protocol. The lower temperature is at the left end and the higher temperature at the right. The temperature is not linear across the block. See the gradient calculator function under the list menu to calculate the temperature for each column of the block.

Eppendorf Mastercycler Gradient