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Contact Caitlin Conboy, Jennifer Braff.

This is a flexible design for building a chemostat from off-the-shelf parts. The number of chemostat chambers and the culture volume per chamber are adjustable.

Also see Endy:Chemostat for an alternative chemostat chamber design and additional info on running chemostats.

Design Images

Simple schematic for a single chemostat chamber.
Photo of a six-chamber chemostat. Built by cmc and jcb.


This page is in progress


  • Circulating Water Bath
    • VWR
  • Peristaltic pump
  • Bubbler (Acquarium bubbler)


  • 1L flasks. Need one per type of media to be used in the chemostat, plus one or more to collect the effluent.
  • Rubber caps for 1L flasks with two drilled holes
  • Glass tubing
  • 25mm glass test tubes, one per chemostat chamber

Tubing, Connectors

  • Silicone tubing
  • Connectors, various, specify
  • Three-way stopcock
    • Cole Parmer luer fittings, chrome-plated brass three-way stopcock


  • Needles, 2 per chamber
    • 18 gauge deflected point non-coring septum penetration needles (Popper).
  • Tube Rack (to hold the chemostat chambers upright in the water bath)
    • USA Scientific
  • Syringes, to innoculate and sample from chemostat



See Endy:STN Chemostat Protocol