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  • Strain: PAM162
  • Genotype: See CGSC#5891
  • Phenotype: -
  • Date: 09/2005
  • Experimenter: Francois St-Pierre
  • Strain obtained from: E.coli Genetic Stock Center (CGSC). CGSC#5891, Source person = B.F. Johnson (choice 1).
  • Stock preparation: The stock came as a few drops of a glycerolized culture placed on a filter disc. The filter disc was placed on a LB plate and ~200ul of LB was added on the filter to humidify it. A sterile loop (or toothpick), after touching the liquid, was used to streak on the same plate. The plate was incubated at 37C. A single colony was then grown in LB at 30C until it just reached late early saturation (OD600~2.6). Glycerol stocks were made by mixing 1ml of culture with 1ml of 40% glycerol, vortexing, and storing at -85C.
  • Physical location of the stock:
    • Lab stocks: 2 vials in box "E.coli #2" 2nd shelf from the top of the -85C fridge (as of Oct3,2005);
    • Francois St-Pierre's stocks: 2 vials in box "Francois's Ecoli 1" (as of Oct3,2005). ID#: FSP B5