Endy:Making 1% Agarose stock

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Barry Canton attempting to fill the boots of Jennifer Braff


  1. Add 500mL 1X TAE to a 1L conical flask.
    1X TAE can be found in 564D above the sink. See Sri if it is empty.
  2. Due to our usage rate it makes sense to prepare 2-3 of these at a time.
  3. Measure out 5 g of Agarose (not low melting point Agarose or Agar).
    Agarose is on the chemicals shelf outside 558D.
  4. Add the Agarose to the TAE buffer and swirl to mix.
  5. Microwave flask on high until the gel starts to bubble and is transparent.
    • 8 mins at 100% with some shaking after 3mins seems to be perfect for two flasks in the Endy/Sauer microwave
    • Never put aluminium foil in the microwave!
  6. Label and store in the Peltier incubator in 564D.