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This is our protocol for making minimal M9 medium.

Component Concentrations

  • 1x M9 salts
  • 2mM MgSO4
  • 0.1mM CaCl2
  • 0.4% carbon source (e.g. glycerol, glucose, etc.)
  • In sterile H2O


For 1L of media

  • 500ml 2xM9 salts
  • 20ml 0.1M MgSO4
  • 200μl 0.5M CaCl2
  • 469.8ml sterile deionized H2O ∗ (if carbon source to be added)
  • 479.8ml sterile deionized H2O ∗ (if no carbon source to be added, useful as a control for sugar metabolism)

Combine above solutions using sterile technique. (May notice some precipitation during preparation but precipitate should go back into solution once volume is brought up to 1l with sterile H2O.)
Add antibiotic as appropriate and store at 4°C

∗ Can be obtained from the media room