Endy:Lab Meeting 9/14/2005

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  1. Annie, Austin, Reshma introductions
  2. EHS External Audit will be occuring soon. Please see posting in the elevator for more information.
  3. Request from the Sauer lab: Please be sure to turn off the hot plates and stirrers in the chemical room when you are finished using them. They have been left on repeatedly over the last few weeks. Thank you.--Kathleen 12:04, 14 Sep 2005 (EDT)
  4. Synthetic Biology site was redesigned. Still needs more work.
  5. STS Forum Meeting Report (DE)


  1. FSP
  2. Ilya
  3. Reshma (if other people haven't been scheduled already)
  4. cmc


  1. BioBricks abstraction hierarchy: from post-meeting discussion between IS, JK, and RS.