Endy:Lab Meeting 7/27/2005

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  1. Great 2005 LabRetreat
    1. Austin's pictures: austin.che.name
    2. Ilya's pictures: hackdna.com
  2. SuperGroup: Yes or No?
    1. SuperGroup

Research Briefs

  1. Josh
    1. codon shuffle mRFP -- idea here is to get rid of any "cryptic" RNaseE sites
    2. compute expected secondary structure of 5' end as a function of FP ordering (mFOLD)
      1. MFold URL
    3. measure mRNA levels
    4. use RNaseIII to process (i.e., cleave) primary transcripts. grab R0.3 from T7. talk to Berkeley iGEM student (see DE)
  2. Francois
    1. run with full media (not just buffer) through the elutriator
  3. ???