Endy:Lab Meeting 1/17/2006

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  1. Vectors (RS, 5mins)
    1. Naming conventions
      • The -1 naming convention to represent the presence of the ccd operon in the multiple cloning site of BioBricks plasmids has been changed. The ccd operon is now a part (BBa_P1010). So vectors are named for instance pSB1AK3-P1010 rather than pSB1AK3-1. (Change was requested by Sri and Austin and implemented by Randy in the Registry.)
    2. Representation
      • Vectors are now represented in the Registry as a piece of DNA from BioBricks suffix to BioBricks prefix so that they can be easily viewed as a linear piece of DNA.
    3. How would something like the screening plasmid be specified in the registry? JM
      • e.g. it has a BB site within a device, seems like it could be considered a plasmid? maybe pSB1A3-I13534?
  2. Introducing new Endy lab members: Bryan and Kelly JM
    • Please try and limit jokes at my expense, i'd be here for a weds lab meeting ;) -JK
      • Any suggestions for how to do this?


  1. RS (~30 mins)
  2. FSP (~15 mins)
  3. AM (~20 mins)