Endy:Lab Meeting 09/27/06

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Foo is feeding the meeting, Bar is running the meeting.


  1. Safety Announcements (HK 2-5')
    • Upcoming Inspections
      • Building Inspector coming Wednesday October 4th
      • Radiation Inspection by Department of Health in next 5 weeks
      • EHS expecting a surprise inspection from MA equivalent to EPA in near future
    • For non-emergencies after hours, EHS is recommending we call facilities at x3-1500 to get ahold of the EHS person on call rather than call campus police at x100.
    • Computers stored on floor risk damage in event of flooding (ex. chilled water pipe bursting in basement this summer)


  1. Alex Endy:AM270906 (absent)
  2. Sri (Kalvin) (whiteboard)
  3. Heather (Matt) (whiteboard)
  4. Barry (Anna) Endy:BC270906
  5. Jason (Andrzej) (powerpoint)
  6. Reshma Endy:RS270906
  7. Samantha (Lissa) (powerpoint)
  8. Ty (whiteboard)
  9. Francois (powerpoint)
  10. Austin Endy:AC270906
  11. Will & Bryan (powerpoint)
  12. Sophia Endy:SR270906
  13. Singing one of the end of group meeting songs