Endy:Lab Meeting 06/21/06

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Caitlin's in charge.


  1. Look around you in the meeting room. Are the shelves of paper journals a backup fuel source for the lab? If not, can we get rid of them? -Jasonk
  2. BioNet changes. What should we do? (DE, 5')
  3. VectorNTI stations (FSP, 2')
  4. introducing kay (officially) (JK, 2').


  1. Francois (30')
  2. Caitlin (30')
  3. Movie of simple bacterial "chemostat" from Hopkins (DE, 5')
  4. Standard plasmid synthesis order (RS, 15')
  5. Lissa (if there's time - looks like this would be better next week - 10') File:Groupmeeting621.ppt