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The klett machine is useful for taking OD's without needing to actually remove samples from your culture.


  1. Turn the knob on the power source to 100% and let the bulb warm for at least 5 minutes
    • Note: make sure the switch on the right hand side of the machine is set to off, only turn that switch on when there is a sample in the light path to avoid damaging the machine.
    • If the light bulb at the back of the machine is not visibly on after increasing the power supply then the light blub may need to be replaced. Double check that the switch on top of the Klett machine is in the on position and also that the switch on the back of the power source is on.
  2. Set the reading to zero by turning the large knob on the face of the machine.
  3. Zero the machine by turning the knob on the top center of the machine until the red arrow and line are aligned.
  4. Insert a blank (water), flip the switch on the side of the machine to on and align the red arrow and line by turning the knob at the back of the machine.
    • You will need to blank the machine for any samples taken during the ~1st hour the lamp is on since the intensity will be fluctuating until the bulb warms up fully.
  5. Flip the switch on the side of the machine to off and remove blank.
  6. Insert sample and flip side switch back to on.
  7. Turn the knob on the face of machine until the red arrow realigns with the black line. The value on the meter is the Klett reading for your sample.
    • Use the large knob on the face of the machine to return the meter to zero before turning off the machine and removing your sample.
  8. Remember to turn the power source back to 30% when you are finished for the day. The power source can be left at 100% to keep the bulb warm if you will be sampling at least once every 2 hours. Otherwise turn the power to 30% and turn back on for next sample.


  • Max volume in 250ml Klett flasks is 40ml.
  • Klett flasks are located in the glassware cabinet in the main hallway outside 68-558D
  • Klett machine is located on Sri's bench and spare lightbulbs can be found on the shelf above the machine.

Calibration Curve