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When documenting lab strains, the following information would be important to note down:

  • The "strain" name
  • The date when the stock was made.
  • The name of the experimenter who made the stock.
  • Strain obtained from:
    • If the strain is from a collection (ATCC, CSGC), please write the collection ID#, as these collections often have the same strains from different sources.
    • If the strain is from somebody else, try to trace its history as far back as possible i.e. where did that somebody else get it from? This is particularly important if the strain is NOT readily available from a collection.
  • Stock preparation i.e. how was the stab or glycerol stock prepared from the strain you received?
  • Physical location of the stock i.e. What is the ID/name of the box where the stock is stored? In what fridge is that box located?
-Just as we do for registry glycerols, maybe we should make two glycerols of any useful strain, one for the experimenter's personal stock and one for the lab stock? The idea being that we want the strains to stay in the lab even after members leave.

Empty template

Here's an empty template for documenting lab strains:

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  • Strain:
  • Genotype
  • Comments/Usage
  • Date:
  • Experimenter:
  • Strain obtained from:
  • Stock preparation:
  • Physical location of the stock: