Endy:Changing the sensor zero value on Solent incubator

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email from solent engineer:

It would appear that there seems to be a slight setting that needs changing. The temperature sensor zero value is not correct.

If you can please do the following test to establish how much we need to change the sensor zero value.

  1. Place the thermometer mercury bulb directly where the specimen would sit in the optical path.
  2. Set the temperature of the controller to 37 degrees and let the system stabilise for at least 2 hours (preferably overnight).
  3. Then over 2 hours take the reading of the thermometer and the Solent temperature controller every 30mins and list them down.
  4. Write the differences between the two readings and then calculate the average temperature difference.


Thermometer Solent Controller Difference
36.5 37 -0.5
36.8 37 -0.2
37.2 36.9 0.3
36.8 37.1 -0.3

Average difference = -0.2 (to one decimal place)

This is the value that the temperature zero value must be altered by. If you then work through the attached PDF file this tells you step by step how to change the value.

Changing Zero Value PDF