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  • Strain: CC4249
  • Date: 09/2005
  • Genotype: See attached image file
    Strain CC4249 info.jpg

  • Experimenter: Francois St-Pierre
  • Strain obtained from: Jim Sawitzke, Austin Lab (NIH)
  • Stock preparation: The stock came as a transport swab. The swab was dipped in 5mL of LB and grown at 37C. After ~1-2hours of growth, ampicillin (20ug/ml) and tetracycline (10ug/ml) were added. Growth was stopped when the culture reached OD600~2.9 (saturation). Glycerol stocks were made by mixing 1ml of culture with 1ml of 40% glycerol, vortexing, and storing at -85C.
  • Physical location of the stock:
    • Francois St-Pierre's stocks: 2 vials in box "Francois's Ecoli 1" (as of Oct3,2005). ID#: FSP B6.