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CAPTAIN: Pfeffer Lab - B413


1. New user MUST be trained by the captain or present users.

2. Log user info.

3. Rinse the Emulsifex before use and pass at least 25 mL of ice cold water through the machine. Following a water rinse, pass your buffer through the machine; 10 mL should be sufficient, as the dead volume of the instrument is only about 7 mL.

4. Your cell slurry should be homogenous and free of any solid debris or small plastic pieces; even very small solid material can break the machine.

5. Place your sample in the cylinder body. Start the pump motor by turning the control valve knob (green knob on top of the instrument) to the vertical position. The homogenizing pressure shown on the gauge will be low because the homogenizing valve is open.

6. Let the sample run. After the pump is primed, adjust the homogenizing pressure by adjusting the pressure in the pneumatic control cylinder. Turn the gauge to around 40 kPa PSI. The emulsiflex should reach a max pressure of at least 20 K PSI and have a 5K PSI differential to lyse bacteria cells.

7. After desired lysing is reached, wash the instrument with at least 25 mL ice cold water.

8. Following the water wash, add at least 25 mL of 20% ethanol to the sample chamber. Pass through about 15 mL of this solution, keeping about 10 ml of the ethanol solution in the cylinder for storage.

9. Place the cylinder cap on top of the sample chamber to prevent debris from falling into the machine. Please remove your wash waste.

Please Keep the Area Clean!


If the emulsiflex fails during lysing:

1. Remove the sample from the cylinder

2. Add cold buffer or water

3. Close the cap of the sample cylinder and connect the Quick Connect hose to pressurize the sample

4. Let at least 50 mL of cold buffer or water to pass through

 Note: If sample continues to leak at the cylinder/inlet check valve connection, tighten the closest smooth pipe connection with needle nose pliers.

Website: Emulsiflex-c5

Repair Help: File:Checkvalve.pdf


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