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Eigencluster Home

Hi gang,

Thanks for helping to develop our Eigencluster wiki!

Here are a few quick thoughts to help orient you to our new wiki space:

  • The wiki is essentially a set of linked pages that everyone can edit for ease of information sharing.
  • Each of our Eigencluster pages has a name of the format:
Eigencluster: page_name
  • To edit a page, click on the "edit" tab at the top of the page of interest. This will take you to a text box where you can edit the page.
  • To link to an existing page (e.g. the Eigencluster hompage), just add the following text:
   [[Eigencluster: Homepage]] 
  • To make a new page, simply make a link to your new page in an existing page. Page links look like this:
  [[Eigencluster: page_name_here]] 
  • If you want to link to a page (e.g. Eigencluster: The Team) but have the link name look different than the page name (e.g. Team Members), you can write the following:
 [[Eigencluster: The Team| Team Members]] 
  • To make a word bold, add three apostrophes on each side of the word, as shown here:
  • To make something italic, add two apostrophes on each side of the word, as shown here:
  • To add an html link, use the following format:
[http://your.website.org Link_name] 
  • To add an file (e.g. Schedule.doc) to a page (e.g. Eigencluster: Foo), do the following:
    • Click on the "upload file" link in the left hand toolbar
    • Follow instructions. Be sure to click on the public disclosure box.
    • In page Eigencluster: Foo, add the following code:
  [[Image: Schedule.doc]] 

With these few tricks, you should be able to do just about everything you'll need to do. For more information, try out the help link on the left navigation bar.