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External ordering - the short story

To place an external order

Before anything else, get approval from the (senior) researcher responsible for the particular project/account code that the goods are required for; this applies to everyone - no-one can order anything using an account code that they are not approved to use.

  1. Send an email to Lynne Hananeia at <>.
  2. Put "ORDER - (insert your stuff here)" in the Subject heading of the email.
  3. The body of the email MUST contain the following info:
    • Item. i.e what is it.
    • Catalog number.
    • Manufacturer (who makes it).
    • Vendor (who sells it, could be the same as vendor, but may not be).
    • Quantity.
    • Price (an estimate is fine, but must be included i.e. make an effort to find out if you don't know, or if the item isn't already in the Lab ordering DB).
    • Account code.
    • Who it's for in what lab i.e. not just "Eccles Lab", specify a person.

Format the text as in the example below (I use *** to seperate multiple items):

"Hi Lynne,

Could you order the following for me please.

Thanks heaps, Aaron.

Cat no: OPT609
Manufacturer: Asus
Vendor: Insite Technology Ltd
Quantity: 1
Price: $72
Account: ABC 123
For: Aaron Jeffs (Eccles Lab)

Item: another item etc..."

Receiving goods

Do not take goods from the Courier's table on the ground floor: Lynne will process deliveries and contact a specific person - the initiator of the order - when an order arrives, if at all possible.

(A) If you are the initiator

  1. Check the packing slip to make sure what was ordered has arrived.
  2. Initial and date the packing slip and give it to Lucy.
  3. If either the contents of the package, or the packing slip, does not match the order, then alert Lynne or Lucy ASAP.

(B) If you are not the the initiator, but the initiator is busy in the lab or department somewhere

  1. Place the goods on the initiator's bench, or place at appropriate temperature, and leave them a note, or email them to say that the goods have arrived, and where they are.
  2. The initiator then checks the packing slip and signs off on it.

(C) If the initiator is away

  1. Someone else takes responsibility for the order, and does the things in (A) i.e. treat the order as if you were the initiator.

Internal Ordering from Hercus Store 126

  1. Key to Hercus 126 store in 203 by microwave
  2. Collect store items required
  3. Fill in all sections of order sheet on store table clearly;
    • date
    • grant number to be charged
    • your name
    • item name
    • item store code
    • number taken

Ordering from Supplies on Site


  1. Key to SOS in Lynne Hananeia's office G03a
  2. Take item required
  3. Fill in inventory list at SOS with
    • your name
    • grant number to be charged
  4. Enter into DGG ordering database


  1. Key in Lynne Hananeia's office G03a
  2. Take item required
  3. Fill in inventory list
  4. Enter into DGG ordering database