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Sending a courier pack

  1. Determine the correct account number to be charged.
    • Note: If receiver is paying be sure to confirm that the account number and account details match.
  2. Email Lynne at <> with the following information:
    • Domestic or International.
    • Size. Important if over 0.5 kg.
    • All receiver information. This is needed so that a commercial invoice may be produced.
    • The account number to be charged or receivers account number.
  3. Pick up a consignment note and courier pack from Lynne's office.
    • Be sure to get the correct, Domestic or International consignment note.
  4. Ask Lynne to call the appropriate courier company and order a pick-up.
    • If Lynne is not availible than ring the courier yourself.
    • If ringing TNT the customer number is obtainable someone in the group.
    • If not using TNT than be sure to have an order number.
  5. Print out 3 signed copies of a declaration.
  6. Take the courier pack down to reception.
  7. It's a good idea to contact the receiver to advise them that the goods are coming.

FedEx Instructions from Lynne

When sending a FEDEX parcel the following may be required . Package contains Reagents Please advise that in order to get these goods cleared with Australian Quarantine: 3 signed copies of the shippers declaration is required from yourself to state the following information;

  1. Declaration needs to state a specifically what these goods are.
  2. Stating the ingredients or components. Example Plant, animal, chemical etc
  3. Needs to state if there is any biological content , if so ;
    a What is the commodity .  Example ,  DNA , antibodies, cell lines etc
    b What is the origin. Example, human, rodent, rabbit etc
    c needs to state if the goods are imported in less than 20ml or 20gr for each individually packaged unit.
    d please state if they are infectious or not.
  1. If goods are not biological, a declaration is required stating if they are synthetic or chemical and there is no biological content.
  2. The end use

Please advise the above declaration needs to be on the shippers company letter head Dated and signed with the FedEx Air Waybill Number : eg 854060033640 Import Permit may be required depending on the contents of the declaration