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General Cell Culture Duties

There are general duties that are all cell culture facility users responsibility and should be done as required in BOTH cell culture areas. The assigned person on the cell culture roster is required to clean the water bath and be a point of contact for any problems. Every six months the cell culture incubators should be cleaned. This is the rostered person's duty. See below for instructions on how to carry out these duties. Stephen Robertson's lab are required only to clean the incubators as they use their own water bath

Cell Culture Duties for all users

  • Empty vacuum trap and add 1% virkon solution once a day
  • Aspirate and replace virkon in falcon tube in which the end of vacuum tube sits after each session
  • Biohazard rubbish and pipette bins taken to ground floor collection cage when full
  • Pasteur pipette containers refilled and autoclaved as required
  • Incubator water trays emptied, cleaned (with 70% ethanol) and refilled with sterile distilled water once a week
  • Refill distilled water bottles and autoclave as required
  • Refill 70% ethanol spray bottle as required
  • Refill 70% ethanol bottle as required
  • Refill 1% virkon bottle
  • Collect paper towels and bulk 95% ethanol from Hercus 126 store when required
  • Hood left sprayed with ethanol and tidy for next user
  • Bench areas left tidy when session finished
  • Microscope turned off when session finished
  • If you are the last booked hood user of the day, turn hood off, close and turn UV light on

Cell Culture Roster 2008
Month Person Comments
January  ?
February Shujie incubator 1 cleaned
March Amy
April SR Lab Incubator 2 due to clean
May Petra
June Jody Incubator 1 due to clean
July SR Lab
August Justin Incubator 2 due to clean
September Grace
October SR Lab Incubator 1 due to clean
November Cherie
December Aaron Incubator 2 due to clean

How to Clean the Water Bath

  • Switch water bath off at wall
  • Remove Falcon tube rack
  • Soak Falcon tube rack in a 1% solution of virkon for at least 10 minutes (in jug on window sill)
  • Remove metal rack that covers element and place in sink
  • Spray entire interior of water bath with 70% ethanol and wipe down thoroughly with paper towels
  • Rinse interior of water bath with distilled water thoroughly to rinse off all debris
  • Refill water bath with distilled water
  • Spray metal rack thoroughly with 70% ethanol
  • Wipe rack down with paper towels
  • Rinse metal rack thoroughly with distilled water to rinse off debris
  • Place back in water bath
  • Scrub Falcon tube rack down to get rid of any crud
  • Rinse thoroughly with distilled water
  • Spray thoroughly with 70% ethanol
  • Place back in water bath
  • Switch water bath back on at the wall
  • Check temperature still 37 degrees C

How to Clean the Incubators

  • Send email giving people several days notice of clean so they can make arrangements for their cells
  • Move any cells still in incubator to other incubator temporarily
  • Remove metal shelves
  • One at a time spray metal shelf thoroughly with 70% ethanol and wipe down with paper towels
  • Remove water tray and empty
  • Spray water tray thoroughly with 70% ethanol and leave
  • Spray interior of incubator with 70% ethanol and wipe down with paper towels.
  • Wipe down water tray with paper towels, refill with sterile distilled water and place back in incubator
  • Replace all of the metal shelves
  • Allow incubator to return to set temperature and CO2 levels
  • Return cells to incubator