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Where and When

Where: Bielchowski Meeting room (room 230), Hercus 2nd floor, unless otherwise noted.

When: Full Lab meeting every third Monday from 11:00am-12:00pm, unless otherwise noted.

The schedule of Eccles Lab meetings for the year are outlined below.

Presenters can:

  • give an update about their own work (preferably).
  • do a Journal Club-style talk about an interesting paper.
  • report on interesting stuff from any conferences attended.

Lab meeting schedule

  • For 2022

Eccles Lab Meetings for 2022 are at 11am Mondays, Bielchowski room, Pathology Dept.

We will try out for a couple of months having a schedule of a full lab-meeting meeting every 3’rd week, interspersed with a project-specific meetings on the Mondays in the intervening weeks.

Full lab meetings: The full meeting presentations aim to be comprehensive enough to fill 40 to 45 minutes, and should cover research progress in the intervening time since the last presentation, and should also give an appropriate Introduction and background sufficient for people to understand, as though they had never heard about the project before. It should also give an overall coverage of the raw and processed experimental data, and a plan for future experiments to be carried out.

Project-specific meetings: Will involve only the specific lab members in each project type. The 6 current project types are; 1) Breast cancer (members; Magda, Suzan, Mike) 2) Melanoma (members; Mehbuba, Peter S., Suzan, Lorissa, Mike) 3) Lung cancer and kidney cancer (members; Magda, Lei, Mike) 4) LAM and PKD (members; Ryan, Erin, Qi, Cherie) 5) Marsden on-going (members; Chi, Erin, Lorissa, Katie, Mike) 6) MicroRNAs (Lei, Qi, Mehbuba, Mike)

19 September; No meeting

26 September;Queens memorial holiday

3 October; Full lab meeting; Magda presenting on NZSO meeting

10 October; Project specific meeting

17 October; holiday - no lab meeting.

24 October; Labour Weekend - no lab meeting.

31 October; Project specific meeting

7 November; Project specific meeting

14 November; no lab meeting due to HRC grants being due on Wednesday.

21 November; no lab meeting today due to an MBIE proposal being due on this Wednesday.