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</head> <body bgcolor="#ffffff" text="#000000"> <div align="center"> <h3><b>Developmental Genetics Newsletter</b></h3> </div> <meta content="text/html;charset=ISO-8859-1" http-equiv="Content-Type"> <h4><big><u>Headlines</u></big><br>

</h4> <ul>

 <li><b>Monday MAF audit is coming on Monday</b>. To remember the

update Mike sent around head to the wiki <a

href="">MAF Monday<br>
 <li><b>Departmental review</b> will happen on August 30, 31,

September 1 and 4th so that's Wednesday to Monday. <br>

   <li>The Final Review Document can be found on the Wiki <a

Document</a> or ask for a paper copy from Margaret.<br>

 <li><b>Queenstown Molecular Biology Conference</b> is happening the

August 29th to 31st.</li>

   <li>To find out more click <a class="moz-txt-link-abbreviated"
   <li>Mike and Hayden will be going to the conference.<br>
   <li>Note that the QMB and the Departmental Review will be on the

same days, so obviously the easiest way to avoid the review is to head to the conference.&nbsp; ;-)</li>

 <li>There will be a meeting of <b>The Otago Medical School Research


   <li>Thursday 24th August @ 5 pm.<br>
   <li>Barnett Lecture Theater. </li>
   <li>New protein crystallography capabilities at the University of

Otago and a proposed CoRE in infectious diseases.</li>

   <li>See the poster here: <a

</ul> <big><u><b>New Stuff</b></u></big><br> <ul>

 <li>Lana has ordered some eppendorf racks so if you'd like some pop

by Scott 206.</li> </ul> <big><u><b>Random</b></u></big><br>


 <li>Tim had a shortened evening last week when the -20 freezer sensor

was moved to by the hinge and stared alarming. The moral of the story being please leave the sensor in the middle of the left hand side by the oligo boxes and we can all get some sleep :-)</li>

 <li>Hayden is off the Perth for the next week, should be looking

fresh and tanned after a break in sunny Ausy.<br>

 <li>Lana is off skiing this weekend, although she's not feeling too

well after a few days with a stomach bug :-(</li>

 <li>Both Mike and Aaron have being doing some lecturing. Aaron in

Zoology and Mike for the Med students on animal models.</li>

 <li>Well the amount of sickness going around is a bit shocking! <br>
   <li>Lucy sick most of her vacation</li>
   <li>Lana's been out</li>
   <li>Jess sick all of last week</li>
   <li>Mike's sick the last couple days<br>

</ul> Well that's the first Newsletter, hopefully the next issue will be more interesting and informative. <br> If you'd like anything put in the next issue please email me!<br> <br> <br> Any comments or suggestions email Matt <span class="moz-smiley-s1"><span>

-) </span></span><br>

<br> </body> </html>