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Monday MAF

Staff are reminded of the following: General lab safety/containment:

  • Observe PC1/PC2 laboratory practices and procedures as described in AS/NZS 2243.3:2002 Safety in Laboratories Part 3: Microbiological aspects and containment facilities.
  • Specifically: Wear lab coats / protective clothing
  • Windows can be opened as long as this does not cause air flow into non-PC1/PC2 areas of the building, or pose a contamination/safety hazard.
  • Do not use Virkon/Trigene for disposal of GMOs, only for surface decontamination.
  • Also:
    • check correct signage is evident in PC2 areas
    • no coffee cups or evidence of eating in labs
    • no lab books on wet areas of work benches - they should be on dry areas demarcated by tape
    • lab coats should be worn or on hooks but not on chairs
    • all doors closed, freezers locked etc.