Eccles:27th February 2009

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Mike Eccles; Steve Banks; Jody Hazlett; Drusilla Mason; Bron Lett; Lynn Slobbe; Shujie He; Pam Cornes; Justin Shields


Aaron Jeffs; Caiyun Grace Li (conference).

Bron spoke about his project on the PKD sheep model.

Steve has been collaborating with Chemistry Dept. to use the Raman microscope to observe and characterize living cells.

Jody and Mike explained some of the background to the DNA methylation work that needed to be done.

Lynn has knocked down MITF in cell lines NZM6; NZM9; NZM15 and carried out migration assays to assess the effect of the knock down.

Shujie briefly discussed her work but to present the results at the next lab meeting

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