Eccles:13th March 2009

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Present: Mike Eccles; Aaron Jeffs; Caiyun Grace Li; Gagan Kaur; Drusilla Mason; Lynn Slobbe; Pam Cornes.

Apologies: Steve Banks; Bron Lett; Justin Shields; Jody Hazlett; Shujie He.

• The new specifications for the proposed tissue culture room were discussed briefly – Mike has a revised powerpoint diagram for a 5m x 6m room - ‘Tissue_culture_5x6_12Mar2009’ - which he will discuss with Ian Morison, along with plans for the minus 80 freezer room space and the additional space gained from the ‘write-up area’.

• Mike asked if anyone has seen a CD compiled by Jess Ineson – it should have her thesis on it, with diagrams that are now needed. Also Pam to forward emails from the Capper family to Mike.

• Grace discussed her PhD looking at targets of PAX 8, and presented a flow diagram to show how her paper would progress.

Next meeting to be held on Friday 27th March at 3.00pm – room to be confirmed, probably Scott 205.

The meeting due to be held on Friday 10th April (statutory holiday) will be held on Thursday 9th April at 3.30pm.

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