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COSMOS Summer 2009:

Global Change Chemistry & Biology


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Two Positions:

ESS-Chemistry TA

ESS-Biology TA


We seek two graduate students to work as summer TAs for the COSMOS (California Science and Mathematics Summer School) program. The dates are June 29 to July 25, 2009 (4 weeks). In COSMOS, we teach high school students who are college bound and interested in science. Our course is an introductory course in ESS with a biogeochemical perspective. If you are interested, COSMOS picks up $3000 of the 1 month summer salary of the TA, with the rest still coming from the usual funding source used to pay you such as your graduate advisor or our ESS department.

The primary obligation of each TA is to help with four labs during the first two weeks and guide student group projects during the second two weeks. Labs illustrate ESS concepts and provide students with research methodologies. In the third and fourth weeks, TAs will help students with group projects. These projects can be based on data collected and methods learned during the labs of the previous three weeks. Students will pair up and work on a week long science project, come up with a hypothesis, test the hypothesis, and present a report and poster with discussion and conclusion during the final week of COSMOS.


Ability to communicate earth system science to high school students. Graduate students in ESS, Chemistry, Biology, and other departments are encouraged to apply.

How to Apply:

Students with a biology background should send CV and brief statement of interest to David LeBauer (, those with a chemistry background to Stan Tyler (

In past years Fuu-Ming Kai (2 times), David LeBauer, Drew Rice, and John Kessler (3 times), have been TAs. I'm sure each of them will tell you that it was an enjoyable experience!