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EMMA is short for the European Mouse Mutant Archive. It is a repository and distributor of mutant mouse strains in the form of frozen sperm and embryos or live animals. Together with similar organisations worldwide it forms the Federation of International Mouse Resources FIMRe.

Business model

  • EMMA is a non-profit organisation supported by European governmental funding [1].
  • Depositing mice is free to the submitting lab except for the transportation costs. Cryopreservation of submitted lines is paid for by EMMA [2]
  • Researchers wanting to obtain a mouse line from EMMA are charged €1100 for frozen embryos/sperm and €2400 for live mice to recover some of the costs [3].

Submitting a mouse to EMMA

  • contact EMMA with information regarding the mutant mouse line
  • EMMA will decide whether to accept the line within 60 days
  • mice are sent & cryopreserved as sperm or embryos (4-6 months for a heterozygous strain)

See EMMA's submission page for details.

Obtaining mutant mice from EMMA

  • 4 weeks for frozen material
  • 1 month for live strains
  • 4-6 months for rederived lines

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