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Paper on resequencing selected lines of chickens Please add any thoughts here

Whatever happened to the Doodle to reschedule the meeting time?


Papers on the developmental hourglass.

Please add your thoughts (either with your OWW account, or, yaniv will post them on your behalf if you email him)

Some of yaniv's thoughts

I'm generally impressed by the consistency of the developmental hourglass (dh) pattern across various categories (phenotypic, expression, age of genes, dN...).

There are a few suggested evolutionary explanations for the dh, which do we like?

Although we like the dh now Darwin thought things where most similar when youngest. I think this is still viable. How much of the bottom of the hourglass is due to maternal effect genes? Is the thin part of the glass the maternal-zygotic transition?

Kalinka et al: The most hourglass like expression was in the genes controlling gene expression, suggesting that this is a top down sort of thing.

Loso & Tautz: I'm a bit skeptical of phylostratigraphy, but haven't heard much of it before... any thoughts or comments?