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Industry Initiatives for Science and Math Education (IISME) is a program that gets high school teachers into research labs at academic institutions. Their goal is to create a strong, highly skilled workforce in math, science and technological fields through a strong core of educators at the high school level. Their industry-education partnership focuses on teachers as the primary agents for effecting meaningful change in schools.

We have had the honor to host IISME-sponsored high school teachers in our lab to perform research and use the topics they learn to improve their curriculum. We have had three wonderful teachers over the past 5 years. I personally met two of them: Jessica Oya from the Life Academy of Health and Bioscience in Oakland, CA, and Khanh Nguyen from Skyline high school in Oakland, CA. It was a pleasure meeting them and learning from them, we hope to work with them again in the future!!

Take a look at this awesome photo of Leanna Owen and Khanh Nguyen at the IISME poster session this year! Khanh iisme.jpg