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Rui Yao(姚睿)

Rui Yao

Post doctor, Yanan Du Group Department of Biomedical Engineering, School of Medicine, Tsinghua University

Email: yao-r05@mails.tsingh​ua.edu.cn


  • Tsinghua University (Beijing, China) Ph.D 2005.09-2010.07

Key Laboratory for Advanced Materials Processing Technology, Ministry of Education

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Mentor:Renji Zhang

Doctorial project:Construction of Vascularized Injectable Adipose Tissue Based on Cell Microbeads

  • MIT (MA, USA) Government Funded Visiting Scholar 2009.08-2010.02

Langer Lab,Chemical Engineering

Mentor:Robert Langer,Daniel Kohane

Research subject:Development of Biomaterial and Artificial Tissue to Improve Islet Replacement in Patients with TypeⅠDiabetes

  • HUST (Hubei, China) BS 2001.09-2005.07

Department of Material science and engineering

BS in Material Science and Engineering

BS in Computer Science and Technology

Score Ranking: 1/198

Research Interests

  • Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine:

Construction of adipose tissue in vitro, regeneration of adipose tissue in vivo, regeneration of blood vessel system in vivo, etc.

  • Bio-fabrication:

Design and construction of three-dimensional structure for cell and biomaterial studies, etc.

  • Stem Cell:

Adipose-derived stem cells, marrow-derived stem cells etc.

  • Biomaterial:

Natural biomaterial like alginate, collagen etc.

Polymer biomaterial like PLGA, PMMA etc.

  • Drug delivery:

Development of drug delivery system to enhance cell viability, or for anti-inflammation etc.

  • Drug screening system:

Construction of biochemical model for the research of drug screening and analysis.