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Jingyu Wang(王婧宇)

Jingyu Wang

Ph.D. School Of Medicine, Tsinghua University (exp.2016)

Email: jingyuwangbio@gmail.com

I'm currently a senior student in Sichuan University majoring in Biology Science, and I am going to continue my study as a Ph.D in Du-Lab next year. As an undergraduate student, I developed a great passion for stem cells and cell/tissue engineering. I want to know more about how a single cell develops into a tissue or even a body. I only knew little about BME before entering Du-Lab, but I'd like to learn more about it and will put a lot of effort in my research. I like to stay at home and surfing the internet reading about a lot if interesting things, a bit like a female "oatku". But I also enjoy doing sports, if the weather is nice.