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Hui Chen (陈晖) From 2010.10-2012.8 Last known position: Ph.D student in University of Huston USA

Hui Chen

MS, Institute of Nuclear and New Energy Technology, Tsinghua University

Email: hz.dust@gmail.com

I am currently a graduate student towards a M.S. of Chemical Engineering in INET Tsinghua University. My research interests lie in fabrication and modification of functional nano-biomaterials for medical application. So far as I am concerned, nanoscale material is one of the keys to unlock the mysterious kingdom of life science and a necessary tool to make healthier lives for mankind. The dissertation for my M.S. is about Material Science focusing on the methodology for etching Ion Tracked Filter (ITF) with nanopores. My thesis for B.S. is about Gene Engineering focusing on the recombination and expression of Pseudomonas Areruginosa Exotoxin A (PEA) in E.coli .I also have some research experiences in Glycobiology focusing on glycoprotein separation and purification in my college years. My hobbies include basketball playing, jogging, swimming, comic books etc. I regard life as a magic box full of varieties and unpredictabilities. And that is why I am always on the way exploring novelties and looking for fun from them.