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Wendong Zhang(张文东)

Wendong Zhang

BS, School of Life Sciences, Tsinghua University (exp. 2014)

Email: Topmirror10@gmail.com

I’m Zhang Wendong, a freshman in the Department of Biomedical Engineering,Tsinghua University.The first time to come into contact with tissue engineering is in the guide gived by Pro.Du.I feel so interested in the subject, and keep in company with the science is the dream when I’m so little.So I come into the lab to learn more about the tissue engineering.Maybe I’m lack of some necessary knowledge,but the lifetime of a scientist will be full of unexpected difficulties,how to do about it?Just face and enjoy it.Though I have been here for only a few days,the academic atmosphere I get into is so great,I want to learn more from our friends in the lab, I think I will use my lifetime to love and enjoy the subject, head for my dream!