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Wei Liu(刘伟)

Wei Liu

Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering,Tsinghua University (exp. 2017)

Email: wliu.tsinghuabme@gma​il.com

I'm a senior student in Sichuan University currently, majoring in biotechnology. I'll be a PHD student continuing my study in Du-Lab in 2012 Sep..At present, I'm glad to have the chance to join the lab to do my graduation project and take trainings in advance. I appreciate the lab's focusing on novel idea ,while hoping to master more experiment technologies and ideas in the future.Biotechnology is more significant for regenerative medicine.I will be immersed in the field of regenerative medicine and tissue engineering,due to my great passion.My hobbies include all the ball games,traveling and surfing the internet to reading some interesting things. I'm eagering for these future challenges,fighting! fighting! fighting!