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Welcome to the Laboratory for Multi-scale Biosystems Engineering (MBE)

MBE in the Department of Biomedical Engineering (BME), School of Medicine, Tsinghua University aims to develop and integrate micro/nano scale technologies and biomaterials to advance the understanding and applications of cell/tissue engineering and therapy for drug testing, pathology investigation and regenerative medicine, with the ultimate goal to meet the therapeutic and diagnostic needs in drug discovery and clinical medicine.

We are working in highly inter-disciplinary and innovation-driven areas, providing unlimited opportunities for creative and ambitious minds. Please join us in MBE at Tsinghua BME and Let's Do it!

We currently have several Openings at different levels. Please contact Dr. Du for corresponding information.

Recent Lab News

  • 2014/06 -- Our lab website moved to a new site: DU LAB , this web site will not update anymore! For more information, please visit:http://dulab.med.tsinghua.edu.cn/.
  • 2014/06 --Congratulations to Liping for completion of her Ph.D thesis in Biomedical Engineering! We wish he best luck in her future faculty career at Northeastern Unviersity (Shen Yang, China). Congratulations to Xiaokang for completion of his Master thesis in Biomedical Engineering! We wish him the best luck in his future Ph.D. research at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL, Switzerland).Congratulations!
  • 2014/05 -- Our paper titled ‘Glycerol-mediated Nanostructure Modification Leading to Improved Transparency of Porous Polymeric Scaffolds for High Performance 3D Cell Imaging’was published on Biomacromolecules. Congratulations!
  • 2014/05 -- Our paper titled ‘Magnetically controllable 3D microtissues based on magnetic microcryogels’ was published on Lab on a chip and selected as an Lab on a Chip HOT Article, highlighted on the Lab on a Chip blog and promoted through lab on a chip Twitter ,Congratulations!
  • 2013/12 -- Our lab chip paper has been featured as inside front cover, selected as an Lab on a Chip HOT Article, highlighted on the Lab on a Chip blog and promoted through lab on a chip Twitter
  • 2013/12 -- Congrats to Siyu Feng for winning 2013 Gold-Medal Scholar(金质奖章) of Beihang University, which is the highest honor for undergraduates in Beihang University, awarded to only 10 outstanding graduates each year. And Siyu was ranked the FIRST.
  • 2013/12 -- Our paper titled‘Microcryogels as injectable 3D cellular micro-niches for site-directed and augmented cell delivery’ was published on Acta Biomaterialia.
  • 2013/10 -- Congrats to Jingyu Wang for being awarded Outstanding Social Work Scholarship !
  • 2013/10 -- Our paper titled ‘Micro-scaffold Array Chip for upgrading cell-based High-throughput drug testing to 3D using benchtop equipment’was published on Lab on a chip, which was reported by chemistryworld
  • 2013/10 -- Congrats to Xiaokang Li for being awarded the ETDZ Urumqi Scholarship !
  • 2013/10 -- Congrats to Wei Liu for being awarded the Guanghua Scholarship !
  • 2013/10 -- Congrats to Liping Xie for being awarded the prestigious National Graduate Scholarship !