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On Saturday Sept 30th we'll meet at the South Cats Rec Room at 10:30am to organize carpool to Manhattan Beach. Food and beverages will be available. Bring your beach toys and get ready for fun. We will have several cars leaving and returning, possibly at different times to allow for busy schedules.


please follow the format name, email (, ride(if you can provide one) e.g. Leo d'Espaux, despaux, ride

I am coming on 9/30

Leo d'Espaux, despaux, ride

Morgan Putnam, putnam

Diana Smirnova(+guest), smirnova, ride

Yvonne Chen, yvchen

Havala Taylor, havala, ride

Joe Liang,

Jonathan Choi, jchcho

Andy Downard, adownard, ride

Mary Louie, mlouie, ride

Puneet Chhabra, puneet, ride

Joyce Huynh, jhhuynh

Frank Truong, frankt

Russell Komor, rkomor

I can't come on 9/30

Katie, katiegal

Arthur, achan


Manhattan Beach:

are we going to reserve a rec room for that day just in case the weather is bad?

reply(andy) - if everything goes wrong, we could have a fun day in old town pasadena maybe???