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We held an annual meeting in December of 2009 over two days at the Gladstone Institute in San Francisco. Participants were Jessica Green, Steve Kembel, James O'Dwyer, Katie Pollard, Josh Ladau, Samantha Riesenfeld, Jonathan Eisen, Martin Wu, Dongying Wu, Aaron Darling, Srijak Bhatnagar, Morgan Langille, Thomas Sharpton, Kelly Kryc, Alex Koeppel and Guillaume Jospin. All researchers gave short presentations of their work including discussions on possible developments for the upcoming year. In addition we discussed multiple topics including protein family building methods, community profiling, Biotorrents, microbial ranges, null models, operational taxonomic unit, microbial and phylogenetic diversity, and phylogenetic co-binning. With the hiring of a new bioinformatics engineer we approached informatics issues as well as specific data requests. The PIs held a separate meeting with Kelly Kryc to discuss the annual report and other programmatic issues.

Schedule of talks

To listen to audio you will need to login as kpollard with password = daffodil

Tuesday Dec 15

  • Spatially explicit models of community assembly (James) - Slides - Audio
  • Protein family metrics (Dongying, Jonathan, Martin) - Slides - Audio
  • Simulations & Molecular evolution (Sam) - Slides - Audio

Wednesday Dec 16

  • Null models (Steve, Josh, Group) - No Slides (see photos in Eisen Notes) - Audio
  • Distance decay & Species ranges (Josh) - Slides - Audio
  • BioTorrents & Uncharacterized proteins (Morgan) - Slides - Audio
  • CoBinning (Aaron) & Data sets (Group) + PIs w/ Kelly - Slides - Audio
  • Bioinformatics Engineer / CAMERA / Migrating wiki data to public page - No Slides (see Kembel Notes) - Audio