DeRosa:Protocols/Ethanol precipitation

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-100uL of DNA can be in each tube (you can dry your samples down a bit to give an amount at 100uL)  I’m sure somewhere there is a preferred range of concentration of DNA, but I don’t know what it is (just make sure that everything is in solution at 100uL)

  • if you have less volume that’s fine (just calculate the amount of reagent accordingly)

Add 0.5 times (the volume of DNA) of 3M NaCl Add 10times (the volume of DNA) of 100% ethanol

Let sit in dry ice for 30-45minutes Centrifuge at -9˚C at 14000g for 30 minutes Decant (with pipette – gently) the supernatant Dry the rest down on the speedvac

Repeat this process usually