DeRosa:DeRosa 2011 Starting in the Lab

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Linking in

  • Have Maria email Jim to get you access to the t-drive
  • Have Maria ensure you can use your student card after hours
  • Get an openwetware account so that you can contribute to the lab wiki
  • Update your info page on DeRosa lab members wiki page.
  • ask for the 330 door code
  • get the wireless internet password
  • get a lab coat, lab book and goggles from stores
  • get a key for 311/310 and for 122 (grad key) from Peter Mosher (there is a $10 deposit for each)
  • get the DeRosa lab google calendar login and password, add yourself to the equipment calendars


  • do the WHMIS training
  • read the safety manual and sign it

Supplies and ordering

  • buying from stores (sign, where to put the receipts)
  • ordering (see binder, when orders come in print name and tell lab)
  • update the lab inventory

Equipment training

  • pipette manual
  • pipette calibration
  • ask someone to show you how to use a machine before you use it, even if it's the pH metre
  • you will be given a lab job